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L'Arrivée de la jeunesse

54m Documentary, Drama 2022

Éligible pour :

  • Meilleur long métrage documentaire luxembourgeois
  • Meilleure interprétation féminine : Mirka Costanzi dans le rôle d’Olga | Elena Spautz dans le rôle d’Irma
  • Meilleure interprétation masculine : Jean-Marc Calderoni dans le rôle de Livio (2022)

Synopsis :

A century of Italian immigration to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg told through the saga of a family whose different generations follow one another: from the arrival of Mario (Antonio SPAGNUOLO) in 1909, hired in the mine, to the present day, when Anita (Julie KIEFFER) teaches Lëtzebuergesch to the “new generation” of immigrants. Five generations, protagonists of many historical eras, between wars, Resistance, deportation, love, passion, courage, death and redemption. The backdrop is the “Jeunesse” d’Esch-sur-Alzette football team, whose players were mostly Italian and all “sons of the mines”.


Fabio Bottani


Letzeburgesch, Italian, French, English, Portuguese






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