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Draw me Egypt - Doaa El-Adl, a Stroke of Freedom

50m Documentary 2023

Éligible pour :

  • Meilleur long métrage de fiction ou documentaire en coproduction
  • Meilleure contribution créative dans une œuvre de fiction ou documentaire : Loïc Collignon (Son)
  • Meilleure musique originale : Catherine Kontz

Synopsis :

As the first woman to win the prestigious Journalistic Distinction in Caricature, Doaa el-Adl is a force for change in the male-dominated world of Egyptian political cartoonists. A rebellious critic of patriarchy, she faces daily critique, censorship, intimidation, and death threats for her art. Egyptian director Nada Riyadh brings el-Adl‘s most famous works to life in a creative and exciting mix of documentary, cartoon, and animation. A vibrant and courageous exposé of violence against women that pushes the boundaries of freedom of expression in an often restrictive society, as el-Adl uses her talent to advocate for the rights of women, and to inspire and change society.


Nada Riyadh


Marion Guth


Catherine Kontz


Arabic, English


Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Netherlands


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